For the 2022 competition, a mask or headpiece which can be worn must be designed for the characters listed below.

There are FIVE characters.  The artist may select one, two, three, four or all five of these characters for whom to design a mask.

  1. KING LIGER the Furry Feline and/or
  2. MNISI the Rainbow Bird and/or
  3. LUK-E the Loony Lunar Moth and/or
  4. ACHERNAR the Unicorn and/or
  5. HURTLE the Turtle

    a. ONLY ONE mask per character may be entered.
    b. An artist may enter a maximum of FIVE entries: ONE mask for EACH of the characters.
    c. A rationale must be submitted for EACH mask.
    d. If the artist choses to make a mask for THREE characters, then THREE rationales must be submitted.
    e. The rationale for each entry will automatically be paired with that entry on the website.
    f. Whether submitting one, two or five entries, ALL the entries will be entered on the same Entry Form, for 1 registration fee of R20 per entrant.
    g. ALL PHOTOS must be between 4 and 24 Megapixels in resolution.
  • Mask: a covering for all or part of the face to establish a character clearly.
  • The mask must be securely wearable on a person’s head neck and shoulders, fitting snugly yet comfortably.
  • The mask must be modelled and photographed with the artist wearing it.
  • The mask must be constructed in a manner that causes no harm to anyone and does not present a danger to anyone constructing, modelling or exhibiting it.
  • At least 80% of the mask(s) must consist of recycled materials. All attachments, fastenings such as glue, string, elastic bands, are the responsibility of the artist.

Artists may record short videos not exceeding 2 (two) minutes in length while creating their masks for showcasing, should they become finalists; these videos may be showcased on The Rainbow’s Child RAINBOW WARRIORS YouTube channel to further promote awareness of ecological education, subject to the discretion of the management. Only videos that are clear and edited will be so used.

Learners and facilitators (educators/supervisors) must view for an introduction to the characters in order to create a mask(s) that obviously and easily identifies the chosen character(s).

The facilitator is a supervising adult (headmaster of school, chief librarian, recreation centre director, art teacher, or home-school educator, etc).

2.1. Prizes donated by MTN will be awarded for 1 winning entry in each category

2.2. Dates: From launch date 1 March 2022 until final entry date of 31 July 2022

2.3. Register&Enter: registration & payment deadline is 15 June 2022.

a. Any learner between the ages of 15-18 years at the date of entry on 31 July 2022.

b. Proof of the artist’s age must be provided as per his/her birth certificate number OR his/her Identity Document number.

c. Entries may be created by an artist OR a group of artists, but only one entrant’s name and details may be entered on the Entry Form.

d. Should a group win the competition for a character’s mask, only one prize will be awarded to the group, and members must share this one prize.


a. The registration, where the facilitator must supply his/her contact details and details of the institution. A confirmation email with all details, rules, Terms and Conditions pertaining to the competition will be sent to the facilitator.

b. The entry of the artists and their artworks. After receiving the conformation email, the facilitator must complete all the prompts and validations when registering artist(s) on the website. On the entry form the facilitator must submit, on behalf of the artist:

    1. The artist’s name and Identity Number OR birth certificate number.
    2. Photograph(s) of the mask(s) modelled by the artist.
    3. Rationale(s) explaining the artist’s design(s). (See How to Submit)

Please click here to register.

5.1 Information required

Click on the website link , go to the home page and click on the DesignArt Olympics, then Register&Enter, and follow the prompts.

Having registered and obtained the confirmation email with competition details, the facilitator enters all the artist’s details as required, including ID number OR birth certificate number.

  • On the registration form, the facilitator (educator/supervisor) enters all her/his details as required, including the name, email address, and cell number of the institution where learners study.
  • The facilitator must validate the originality of the artwork before it can be uploaded as per the prompts on the website. The artwork of home-schooled entrants must be validated by their educator.
  • All entries by artists under the age of 18 must obtain the written consent of that person’s parent or guardian at the date of entry. It is the facilitator’s responsibility to ensure that the necessary consent has been obtained.
  • A consent form is supplied with the confirmation email, at the end of the Terms and Conditions.

5.2 BEFORE starting the upload, ensure that the artist has:


  1. Her/his photograph(s) ready :

HI-RES 300DPI IS THE MINIMUM FOR ANY TYPE OF REPRODUCTION/PUBLICATION. Please make certain that the photographs taken are in this minimum format.

  1. The artist must model his/ her own mask for the photograph. Ensure that there is sufficient light so that all the detail on the mask can be seen. Position: the photograph may be frontal (looking straight into camera) but preferably at an angle showing the protruding parts of the mask effectively. If it was a photograph of someone’s face, you would ask the person to turn just slightly sideways. Select the angle that will show the most detail of your mask.
  2. The artist must submit ONE photograph + rationale (200 WORDS) for EACH of the masks that he/she has made. Take ONE clear photograph per mask per character.
  3. The website has the capacity to regulate the size of the photographs.
  1. His/her Rationale(s) ready
  2. The artist must write a rationale for EACH of the masks that he/she has created.

RATIONALE: Type a clear paragraph of no more than 200 words for EACH mask to explain the symbolic value of the recycled materials that were chosen and used in the mask.

Maximum words: 200 per mask. (If 5 masks are entered, 5 rationales must also be uploaded).

  1. Facilitator to assist with the process of uploading the photograph(s) IN JPEG FORMAT and the rationale(s) IN the textarea provided
  2. The Entry Form will guide the entrant to upload 1 rationale per character for whom the artist has created masks.
  1. CHARACTERS: 1-5

Each character has the same number in the brief as on the Entry Form:


  1. KING LIGER the Furry Feline
  2. MNISI the Rainbow Bird
  3. LUK-E the Loony Lunar Moth
  4. ACHERNAR the Unicorn
  5. HURTLE the Turtle
  1. How and when to submit your entry/entries:

The Entry Form works with boxes to fill in with text, or to validate by pressing on a small box which then lights up in the validation process. All fields must be completed before the artworks can be uploaded.

  1. ALL Entries must be submitted digitally on the website ONLY, for the first round of selection.
  1. Entries may commence at any date after the launch of the competition.
  2. The deadline for all entries is 31.07.2022.
  3. An ENTRY NUMBER will be generated automatically for each artist who submits a mask photograph and a rationale on the Entry Form at
  4. ALL the entries from all the entrants will be judged BY ENTRY NUMBER ONLY – NOT the entrant’s name. In this manner, fairness is secured.
  5. The Facilitator registers all the entries, then enters uploads photograph(s) and rationale(s) of character mask (s) number(s) 1-5 as selected.
  6. The Facilitator submits the entry(ies) for an artist under ONE registration fee of R20 per entrant. The total amount for all entries will be calculated per number of artists entered by an institution. This fee is payable online in real time via PayFast when you register or after login via topup.
  7. ONLY the Facilitators of the 2nd round Finalists will be contacted, by email/telephone, for the 2nd round of adjudication.
7.1 The Organisers

Requiem for the Living (RFTL) NPO is the registered legal entity operating on behalf of the holder of all intellectual property (IP) rights in The Rainbow’s Child, which is a DALRO registered work in Grand Rights. (DALRO = Dramatic and Literary Rights Organisation, South Africa).

7.2 Adjudication, Public Voting and Prizes

The decisions of the appointed adjudication panel for The Rainbow’s Child DesignArt Olympics are final, and correspondence in this regard will not be entered into. Prizes donated by MTN S.A. Foundation will be awarded for 1 winning entry in each category.

  1. Participation in the Semi- Final round: requirements 
  • Semi-finalists must store their constructed masks carefully.
  • A semi-finalist form will be supplied via email to the facilitator responsible for the entry/entries which reach the semi-final round, with the notification of semi-finalist status of the entry/entries.
  • Facilitators are responsible for ensuring that mask entries are transported safely to MTN in Johannesburg for the final round of adjudication.
  • Facilitators of these entries will be supplied with MTN’S physical delivery address.
  • The masks of Semi-finalists must be delivered to the HEAD OF ART, ROEDEAN SCHOOL, PRINCESS OF WALES TERRACE, PARKTOWN, JOHANNESBURG no later than 4pm on 20 September, 2022. NO LATE DELIVERIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • For the delivery to MTN:
  • Facilitators must supply the names, names, addresses and telephone numbers and most importantly the ONLINE ENTRY NUMBER of each semi-finalist mask entry, on the semi-finalist form provided.
  • Semi-Finalists must provide the organisers with a head-and shoulders (Hi-Res 300 DPI) photograph of themselves in portrait (vertical) format for publication. This clearly labelled photograph should be sent via email to, with the entrant’s full details including their ONLINE ENTRY NUMBER.
  • The masks need to be packaged securely and sent from the PEP stores outlet closest to school the artist attends. The packaging of masks and the delivery thereof to PEP Stores for delivery to MTN remains the sole responsibility of the school/entity entering the artists.
  • Works should be of such a nature that they can be easily packaged, transported and exhibited. The selection panel and/or organisers reserve the right to refuse works that are difficult to hang, install or handle.

  1. DesignArt Olympics Exhibition and public voting
  • A final top 15 entrants will be invited digitally to attend the gala evening at MTN headquarters in Johannesburg. Date tbc.
  • The winner in each category will be chosen from the semi-finalist entries physically present at the exhibition. These winners and their winning entries will be featured in media reports and online platforms of RFTL NPO and MTN.