The Rainbow’s Child is the story of how the earth and life was destroyed by greed and human/natural disasters, humans left earth to live in space, a wish fell to earth one day in the future, and found that the earth had begun to re-generate, how the Greedy villains were conquered, a seed of hope was found in the wishpot at the end of the rainbow, and children returned to earth to take care of the planet.

Create fantasy masks from 80% recycled materials for these characters from The Rainbow’s Child


Achernar the Unicorn

King Liger the Furry Feline

Mnisi the Rainbow Bird

Luk-e the Loony Lunar Moth

Hurtle the Turtle


Find out more about these characters and their story in the Rainbow Warriors downloadable gamebook on this website.



MTN SA Foundation has donated the following prizes:


  • Five (5) Samsung Galaxy A6 Tablets, for one first place learner in each category
  • Five (5) MTN School Packs, one for each 2nd place learner in each category.
  • Art books for the teachers of the 1st Place learners.

Please note that the Register&Enter cut-off date is 15 June 2022 and the competition closing date is 31 July 2022